ITileDescription Interface

Provides access to the TileDescription.


Name Description
Read/write property Dpi DPI to perform output with.
Read/write property ImageFormat Image format for the tile.
Read/write property Quality Quality for image formats.
Read/write property TileCountX Sub tile count in x direction.
Read/write property TileCountY Tile count in y direction.
Read/write property TileHeight Tile height in pixels.
Read/write property TileWidth Tile width in pixels.

ITileDescription.Dpi Property

DPI to perform output with.

Public Property Dpi As Double
public double Dpi {get; set;}

ITileDescription.ImageFormat Property

Image format for the tile.

Public Property ImageFormat As esriImageFormat
public esriImageFormat ImageFormat {get; set;}

ITileDescription.Quality Property

Quality for image formats.

Public Property Quality As Short
public short Quality {get; set;}

ITileDescription.TileCountX Property

Sub tile count in x direction.

Public Property TileCountX As Integer
public int TileCountX {get; set;}

ITileDescription.TileCountY Property

Tile count in y direction.

Public Property TileCountY As Integer
public int TileCountY {get; set;}

ITileDescription.TileHeight Property

Tile height in pixels.

Public Property TileHeight As Integer
public int TileHeight {get; set;}

ITileDescription.TileWidth Property

Tile width in pixels.

Public Property TileWidth As Integer
public int TileWidth {get; set;}

Classes that implement ITileDescription

Classes Description

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