IMapServerHyperlink Interface

Provides access to the Map Server Hyperlink Interface.

When To Use

Use IMapServerHyperlink to access properties of map features returned as a result of using the IMapServerQueryHyperlinks method.


Name Description
Read/write property Location The geometry of the feature having a hyperlink.
Read/write property URL The URL of the hyperlink.

IMapServerHyperlink.Location Property

The geometry of the feature having a hyperlink.

Public Property Location As IGeometry
public IGeometry Location {get; set;}


Location contains the geometry of a feature returned from a MapServer QueryHyperlinks query. This geometry have the same spatial reference system as the DefaultMapDescription.

In some cases you may want limit or adjust the geometry being returned. This can be done for security or performance reasons. Use ILayerResultOptions to manage this. It is important to note that the **[IncludeGeometry](javascript:Jump('esriCarto/ILayerResultOptions_IncludeGeometry.htm')) setting will have no affect on Location. A MapServerHyperlink Location will always have geometry. You can use [GeometryResultOptions**](javascript:Jump('esriCarto/ILayerResultOptions_GeometryResultOptions.htm')) to densify or generalize Location geometry. Densification is used to better support clients that do not support Arcs (e.g. Bezier, Circular etc.). Generalization reduces the amount of geography being sent across the network and should lead to better performance.

Densified or generalized geometry should only be used for navigation or display purpose, such as zooming to, flashing, or highlighting the selected feature. For spatial queries, GeometryResultOptions should not be used as it may returns unexpected results. For more information on please see IGeometry, Densify, and Generalize .

IMapServerHyperlink.URL Property

The URL of the hyperlink.

Public Property URL As String
public string URL {get; set;}
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