IRelatedRecordGroup Interface

Provides access to the RelatedRecordGroup members. Use IRelatedRecordGroup2 for 64 bit OIDs.


Name Description
Read-only property Records Records that represent the related rows.
Read-only property SourceRowID Object id of the row that belongs to source table.

IRelatedRecordGroup.Records Property

Records that represent the related rows.

Public ReadOnly Property Records As IRecordArray
public IRecordArray Records {get;}

IRelatedRecordGroup.SourceRowID Property

Object id of the row that belongs to source table.

Public ReadOnly Property SourceRowID As Integer
public int SourceRowID {get;}

Classes that implement IRelatedRecordGroup

Classes Description
RelatedRecordGroup A colcass that contains related records for every source id.


A RelatedRecordGroup represents related records for one source record/feature for which related records are queried. SourceRowID represents which source record/feature records in Records object related to.

Records is an array of all related records. Each record in Records array holds value in the native data type and they are not formatted. These values are ordered the same way fields are ordered in RelatedRecordFields.

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