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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the ArcGIS JavaScript API be installed locally?

Yes. See the Get the API help topic for details.

Can I use a framework like JQuery with the ArcGIS JavaScript API?

While the ArcGIS JavaScript API is built on top of Dojo, you can use a JavaScript library like JQuery in your applications. If using a JavaScript library other than Dojo, you may consider using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript Web Optimizer. The Web Optimizer allows you to create a custom build of the ArcGIS JavaScript API that contains only the modules specifically required by your application. A custom build of the API is small, so it's a great option for those who wish to use a framework other than Dojo. The SDK contains a sample that shows how to work with the ArcGIS JavaScript API and JQuery.

Am I allowed to modify the ArcGIS API for JavaScript?

No. The code for the ArcGIS API for JavaScript cannot be modified.

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