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What's new in Version 3.8

Better support for new renderer types throughout the API

The new renderers (dot density and proportional) introduced with version 3.7 of the API now work with the legend widget and can be printed. To demonstrate, a legend was added to the dot density renderer sample and a feature layer with a proportional symbol renderer was added to the print widget sample.

New esri/geometry/Circle module to easily create circles

Create a circle by supplying a center and radius. This module also lets you specify if you want a geodesic circle. Geometries created are polygons, and, as such, calling toJson returns a Polygon. Refer to the new Create circles sample for an example of how to use this module.

Popup changes

In the image above, pre-3.8 is shown on the left and the new style is shown on the right. The popup now uses a small beak in all locations whereas it previously used a longer callout when the popup was anchored to a location close to a corner of the screen.

The popup has two new properties: visibleWhenEmpty and hideDelay. These control the behavior of the popup when no features are found at the popup's current location (doing a query against a dynamic map service, for instance). In those cases, if visibleWhenEmpty is false, the popup will be hidden after the number of milliseconds specified by hideDelay have passed.

Enhancements to better support graphics that use text symbols

The graphic editing tools included with the API now support editing, scaling and rotating text symbols used to symbolize point graphics. The editing tools sample has been updated to include a point with a text symbol to demonstate this. Click text on the map to move, scale or rotate it. To edit the text itself, double-click.

The printing components included with the API have also been updated to better support printing of graphics that use text symbols.

New samples

Enhancements and bug fixes

  • Dot-density rendering sometimes looks fuzzy/blurry
  • Improve layer swipe widget performance when swiping several layers
  • Measurement widget: include nautical miles
  • Support for IE11


Version 3.8 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript uses Dojo 1.9.1 as well as version 0.3.11 of dgrid, 0.3.5 of put-selector and 0.1.3 of xstyle.

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