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What's new in Version 3.28

New locale: Ukrainian

Version 3.28 adds support for Ukrainian (uk) locale. See Localization topic for more information about using different locales.

API updates and enhancements

UI update to OAuth sign-in dialog

The UI of the OAuth popup confirmation dialog has been slightly updated to reflect where the user is signing into.

Additional styles for SimpleLineSymbol

We added support for additional styles for SimpleLineSymbol. We also enhanced the SymbolStyler to allow users to select these additional styles for line symbols.

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Popups with many fields will display their content much faster.
  • BUG-000115263: Fixed an issue where the job-status event does not fire for the Find Existing Locations widget when the size of request is above 10 MB.
  • BUG-000118074: Fixed an issue where scale would display incorrectly when zooming out of the Esri basemaps.
  • Fixed an issue where the error event of the PrintTask using an asynchronous Print Service does not fire if an error occurs while executing the print task.
  • Fixed some Portal content issues related to organizations whose name includes the word "community".

Additional packages

Version 3.28 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript include:

  • ArcGIS Arcade 1.6
  • dgrid versions
    • dgrid version 1.2.1 (since version 3.22)
    • dgrid version 0.3.17 (since version 3.13)
      NOTE: If working with version 1.1.0, please reference the dgrid1 directory, whereas version 0.3.17 should reference the dgrid directory. Please refer to the dgrid 0.4 Migration Guide for additional information on migrating to the newer version.
  • Dojo version 1.14.2 (since version 3.28)
  • dstore version 1.1.2 (since version 3.22)
  • put-selector version 0.3.6 (since version 3.13)
  • xstyle version 0.3.3 (since version 3.28)

Additional Resources on GitHub

Use the repository on GitHub for the JS API TypeScript definitions.

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