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Libraries, toolkits, and frameworks can save you enormous amounts of development time. The lists below are by no means exhaustive, they simply include some of the more commonly used frameworks and libraries.


Mobile applications developed using web technology are intended to be run on a variety of platforms. The JavaScript libraries listed below are specifically designed to help developers create web applications targeting mobile devices, re-inforcing the idea of "write once, run anywhere." For instance, Dojo Mobile contains many reusable interface components and gives your application a native look and feel.

Responsive Web Design

A challenge, and potentially a time-consuming task of developing mobile web applications is: How to create a positive user experience for small screens? Responsive web design is a philosophy and set of techniques that attempts to address this issue. Responsive web design relies heavily on CSS, media queries, and JavaScript to model the presentation of content to varying devices. For instance, media queries permit you to apply a different style sheet depending on a device's display characteristics (orientation) or the device's screen dimensions.
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