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What's new in Version 3.11

Shorter reference URLs

This is important if you're upgrading from earlier versions!
To update your code for version 3.11 references, replace the following URLs accordingly: /3.10/js/dojo/ should now read /3.11/ (note the dropped "/js/dojo") and /3.10/js/esri/ should now read /3.11/esri/ (note the dropped "/js") .

An example of this is shown below

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://js.arcgis.com/3.11/dijit/themes/claro/claro.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://js.arcgis.com/3.11/esri/css/esri.css">

SDK improvements

  • New updated SDK homepage.
  • More sandbox supported samples.
  • Tutorials are now listed under Guide tab.
  • More deep links inside of documentation support better navigation.

New attribute driven data visualization using opacityInfo

Developers will now have additional ways to improve their data visualization techniques when displaying information in their maps when using opacityInfo with Renderers.

  field: "M086_07",
  stops: [
    { value: 10, opacity: 0   },  // -1 stddev,     transparent
    { value: 39, opacity: 0.5 },  // average value, 50% transparent
    { value: 68, opacity: 1   }   // +1 stddev,     completely opaque

For more information, check out the blog series on data visualization techniques as well as the samples listed under the Renderers section in the API help.

New HeatmapRenderer for FeatureLayer (beta)

FeatureLayer has a new renderer at this release. The HeatmapRenderer creates a surface using a standard Gaussian blur algorithm used in data visualization for illustrating areas of concentration within datasets. The HeatmapRenderer will only work in modern browsers (not IE9 and below).

Discovering demographic data and GeoEnrichment variables with DataBrowser

Developers building applications enriched with Geoenrichment data, can now leverage the DataBrowser widget. This widget simplifies the process of discovering Geoenrichment variables for enhancing data in applications or gathering variables for generating reports.

Improvements when using web maps

At this release a new property editable in options on method createMap was introduced. When supporting non-editing workflows, this will override layers that would have otherwise been editable and allow the FeatureLayers in a web map to load using generalized geometry instead of loading detailed geometries for editing purposes.

Developers consuming web maps will be able to leverage performance enhancements at this release due to internal optimizations which intelligently load modules based upon a web map configuration when using the module esri/arcgis/utils, and the createMap method when hydrating web maps.

Faster application loading

Many performance enhancements were introduced into the standard and compact builds at this release. These changes will allow users of the compact and standard build to leverage the most frequently used modules resulting in overall performance when loading the compact and standard versions of the JavaScript API.

For best performance with web map, please re-save any existing web maps. To do this, simply open the web map in the Viewer, then click "Save". This will update them to the latest version which will benefit the loading of your applications.

Web Optimizer changes and enhancements

  • More optimizations to minimize download size when "Only include built layer files and resources" is checked.
  • New advanced option to select locales for custom builds.
  • Users now receive links to builds in email notifications.
  • Additional help topics of Using a custom build and Accessing the build report.

Measurement widget enhancements

New developer events and methods to support interacting with geometries during the life cycle of the Measurement widget, accessing the current tool, and current units. Fixed issues for developers when using the Measurement widget in applications and services containing coordinate systems other than WGS84 and Web Mercator.

Driving direction enhancements

The directions print window includes an overview map of the route as long as you either use the ArcGIS Online Route service or specify a printTaskUrl.

Labelling improvements

The Map class has a new constructor option showLabels to indicate whether to automatically display labels. If true, any feature layer added to the map will automatically be labelled based on the feature layer's labelingInfo and the layer's own showLabels status.

The LabelLayer has been improved with to work with domain values, better support for field names containing non-ASCII characters, better label placements, support label placements using "always-horizontal" style, and to work better with time-aware data.

Developer enhancements for dealing with projecting features

New methods for developers to easily (a) check if client-side projection is possible (canProject) and (b) project geometries (without using geometry service).

var pt = Point(0, 0), // a geographic point.
if (webMercatorUtils.canProject(pt, map)) {
    // Returns true if the 'source' can be projected to 'target' by the project() function, or if source and target is the same spatialReference.
    result = webMercatorUtils.project(pt, map);
    // cannot project client-side, use GeometryService

Enhancements to InfoTemplate custom functions

Developers now have the ability to use custom format functions within InfoTemplate to use options like the built-in format functions. This can be useful when you are reusing a formatting function with different options.

CustomFormat = function (value, key, data, options){
  if(options.currency === "CAD"){
    return dojoCurrency.format(value * 1.1260, options);
  else if(options.currency === "EUR"){
    return dojoCurrency.format(value * 1.25140, options);
    return dojoCurrency.format(value, options);

infoTemplate.setTitle("${NAME}, ${STATE_NAME}");
infoTemplate.setContent("<b>Total (EUR): </b>${AVG_SALE97:CustomFormat( currency: 'EUR', places: '2')}<br/>" +
  "<b>Total (CAD): </b>${AVG_SALE97:CustomFormat( currency: 'CAD', places: '2')}<br/> " +
  "<b>Total (USD): </b>${AVG_SALE97:CustomFormat( currency: 'USD', places: '2')}<br/>");

API enhancements

Bug fixes

  • NIM100031: Users now have a consistent user experience for Popups containing multiple features read-only and edit.
  • BUG-000080930: Popup next/previous buttons should switch for Right-To-Left.
  • NIM100127: Fixed issue where inline style for font size was applied using Internet Explorer.
  • NIM103917: The InfoTemplate zoomTofunction now works with a single point in a multipoint feature class.
  • NIM103178: Fixed an issue where printing ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayers with layer definitions on sub layers printed all of these layers were printed regardless of whether their visibility was set to false.
  • NIM101737: The Draw toolbar extent geometry now displays in exported web map.
  • NIM103247: Fixed issue where the zoom rectangle would not display properly when using Internet Explorer.
  • NIM103715: Fixed an issue where Esri demographic layers show a long running script message when opening a popup using IE8.
  • NIM102529: Esri logo in samples now opens the respective URL in Internet Explorer.
  • NIM095050: Scale visibility of KML layer is now honored.
  • NIM104028: Fixed an issue where a labeled feature displayed the coded domain value and not the description.
  • NIM104292: Fixed an issue where the the measurement widget measure-end event fired before the polygon finished.
  • NIM103917: InfoTemplate zoomTo now supports single points when using a multi-point featureclass datasource.
  • NIM103868: KML layer placemarks with hotspots now display in the correct location.
  • NIM103312: Can now print a map containing a graphic having attributes and a Text Symbol as its symbol.
  • NIM100031: Now able to work with overlapping records when editing a feature service.
  • NIM104099: PrintTask now prints a map containing a WMTS layer without a specified resourceInfo parameter.
  • NIM103199: Added the ability to ignore missing legend styles for WMS layers in the Legend widget.
  • GeoNet-106484: UndoManager now supports On Style events. See also GeoNet discussion.
  • GeoNet-423902: Class name was added for the messages div in the Legend widget to make it easier to apply css.
  • Directions widget: Get Directions button didn't work on some native Android browsers.

Additional Resources on GitHub

Use the repository on GitHub for the JS API TypeScript definitions.


Version 3.11 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript was upgraded to use Dojo 1.10.0. dgrid was upgraded to version 0.3.15. put-selector version 0.3.5 and xstyle version 0.1.3 are also included.

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