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What's new in Version 2.6

The following new features were added at version 2.6

Improved map display using HTML5 and CSS3

When supported by the browser, ArcGIS API for JavaScript maps now use CSS3 transitions to provide a smoother experience while panning and zooming. On mobile devices that support it, map navigation uses hardware acceleration.

Support for the latest version of webmaps from ArcGIS Online webmap

Webmaps with layers created from remotely hosted comma-separated values(CSV) files are supported. This includes fusion tables and CSV files hosted on the open web.

Enhancements to the Basemap Gallery widget

The Basemap Gallery widget now supports groups of webmap from ArcGIS Online. To use a group, specify the basemapsGroup constructor parameter when creating a Basemap Gallery widget.

Support for new features in ArcGIS Server 10.1

New features now supported by the ArcGIS API for JavaScript but that require a 10.1 service:

  • Enhanced query capabilities that support order by, group by queries and calculating statistics from attribute data.
  • Enhanced Editor widget to support editor-tracking workflows
  • The locator task now has an optional searchExtent parameter when calling addressToLocations
  • New GenerateRenderer task to automate the process of generating a renderer from data in a map service. The task can be used to generate class breaks and color ramps, among other things. Please refer to the documentation for an overview of the available renderer options. Please refer to the documentation for all the available renderer options.
  • New printing capabilities via a print task and print widget
  • Additional properties on feature layers: max record count, relationship properties, field property enhancements, editor tracking
  • Additional properties on map service layers: max record count, max image height, max image width

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes for 2.6 include:

  • NIM074516: Support bing over HTTPS
  • NIM074517: For some WMS services, setImageFormat fails
  • NIM075400: Specifying zero as the timeout for esri.request is ignored
  • NIM075242: Mac OS X: map zooms by a large amount when performing two-finger swipe up/down gesture on the trackpad
  • NIM075735: Support timeOfDay and timeOfDayUsage parameters for Network Analyst Solve Closest Facility Task
  • NIM075736: Support timeOfDay and useHierarchy parameters for Network Analyst Solve Service Area Task
  • Results from Network Analyst tasks are now returned as an array of graphics instead of an array of geometries. This was done so that attributes returned by the task are available to apps. This is a breaking change.

Dojo 1.6.1

Version 2.6 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript uses Dojo 1.6.1.

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