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Working with DataReviewer

The Data Reviewer tasks allow developers to extend data quality workflows to web applications. They expose ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server functionalities like Batch Validation, Reviewer Results and Dashboard.


You can use the Data Reviewer API methods with maps from ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online to accomplish tasks such as the following:

  • Validate data based on business rules defined in a Reviewer Batch Job (.rbj) file - can be used with a map that allows validation by geographic area.
  • Create web applications for decision makers that report on data quality statistics - can include chart components from different libraries to render data.
  • Submit new or existing features as results to a Reviewer workspace – can query the results for pertinent information.
  • Expose manual quality control workflows in new or existing web applications - enable data quality feedback from a broad community such as users and stakeholders.

Batch Validation

The validation capabilities in Data Reviewer are available using BatchValidationTask. You can either schedule a batch job to run on a regular basis or execute an adhoc batch job on an as-needed basis.


Data quality statistics can be accessed in Data Reviewer using DashboardTask. Use getDashboardResults to provide a summary of results that can be interactively filtered based on different fields.

Reviewer Results

Data quality issues can be visualized and reported over the web using ReviewerResultsTask. Use writeResult or getResults capability of ReviewerResultsTask to flag a problem in the data or retrieve issues identified by data validation. The lifecyle of an issue can also be tracked and updated using updateLifeCycle capability in ReviewerResultsTask.

Data Reviewer API

See the API reference for additional information on BatchValidationTask, DashboardTask, ReviewerResultsTask and other DataReviewer related classes.

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