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What's new in Version 1.6

The following are new features in version 1.6 of the ArcGIS JavaScript API.

Support for Dojo 1.4.1

When you reference the ArcGIS JavaScript API version 1.6, you get access to Dojo 1.4.1.

See the Dojo Milestone 1.4.1 page for a list of issues fixed at this version of Dojo.

Ability to rename Dojo namespaces

You can now rename the Dojo namespaces. This technique is useful if you need to include multiple versions of Dojo in a page.

Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere(102100) support

Bug fixes

In addition to the enhancements above, version 1.6 contains the following bug fixes:

  • The GraphicsLayer's onMouseOut event does not fire in version 1.5 if application listens for both the onMouseOver and onMouseOut events. (NIM050103)
  • The map image is not refreshed in Internet Explorer if the image format is set to png24 or png32 and the background is transparent. (NIM051649)
  • Mouse gets stuck in pan mode when an application built with the ArcGIS JavaScript API is embedded in an IFrame.(NIM049729)
  • Double-clicking to finish drawing a polygon or polyline doesn't work the first time in Internet Explorer. Double-clicking again will stop the drawing operation. (NIM050928)
  • Simple marker symbols drawn with the cross or diamond styles render incorrectly in some cases when using Internet Explorer.(NIM051099)
  • Polyline and polygon graphics disappear when zooming. (NIM050792)

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