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What's new in Version 3.32

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • BUG-000124202: Fixed an issue with the Directions widget where the header information in the print preview was left-aligned instead of centered.
  • BUG-000126818: Fixed an issue where some National Park symbols were distorted.
  • BUG-000127941: Fixed an issue with incorrect measurements in Portuguese (Portugal) (pt-pt) language in Portal for ArcGIS.
  • GEONET-903168: Fixed an issue where VectorTileLayer is not firing update-start and update-end events.
  • Fixed an issue where blurry tiles would display in an ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer with a mixed tile cache.

Additional packages

Version 3.32 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript includes:

  • ArcGIS Arcade 1.8 (since version 3.30)
  • dgrid versions
    • dgrid version 1.2.1 (since version 3.22)
    • dgrid version 0.3.17 (since version 3.13)
      NOTE: If working with version 1.1.0, please reference the dgrid1 directory, whereas version 0.3.17 should reference the dgrid directory. Please refer to the dgrid 0.4 Migration Guide for additional information on migrating to the newer version.
  • Dojo version 1.14.2 (since version 3.28)
  • dstore version 1.1.2 (since version 3.22)
  • put-selector version 0.3.6 (since version 3.13)
  • xstyle version 0.3.3 (since version 3.28)

Additional Resources on GitHub

Use the repository on GitHub for the JS API TypeScript definitions.

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