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What's new in Version 3.24

Client-side projection

The new projection module provides an engine for converting geometries from one spatial reference to another client-side. To see how this is done, please refer to the client-side projection sample.

Coordinate formatter

The new coordinateFormatter module allows users to convert between Points and formatted coordinate notation strings.

FeatureLayer performance updates

Starting with this release, you can opt in to render FeatureLayer with WebGL. This allows you to display more data in the map and update the visualization of features more rapidly, such as a layer with more than 1 million building footprints. To enable WebGL rendering of FeatureLayer, paste the following script in your application prior to loading the ArcGIS API for JavaScript:

    var dojoConfig = {
      has: {
        "esri-featurelayer-webgl": 1

Note: There are some scenarios in which FeatureLayer cannot be rendered in WebGL. See the FeatureLayer class description for more details about situations when a WebGL-rendered FeatureLayer will fall back to SVG rendering.

Better Printing

Printing has made some significant improvements at this release. The URL parser of the PrintTask is more robust to better handle custom printing services. We added the ability to print feature attributes in feature collection layers (even when they are not needed for rendering). We expanded support for printing CJKV characters. We also fixed an issue with printing layers that do not use default symbology, and instead printed "Override" in the legend (requires 10.6.0 or later PrintService). Lastly, the most recent version of ArcGIS Enterprise will be able to take advantage of several optimizations we made to the Print API.

API updates and enhancements

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • BUG-000086442/BUG-000094164: Fixed issue with printing layers that do not use default symbology, and instead print "Override" in the legend, using 10.6+ print services.
  • BUG-000109454: Fixed an issue where changes to dynamic map symbology failed to render when the supportedImageReturnType property is set to MIME.
  • BUG-000109383: Forcing all requests to use the proxy now works as expected when using WMTSLayers.
  • BUG-000110713: Click events now work as expected when Dojo config is set with forceGfxRenderer:'canvas'.
  • BUG-000111223: Fixed an issue with the Slider widget not working properly with HeatmapRenderer.
  • BUG-000111290: Fixed an issue where point features in secure VectorTileLayer would not display if credentials were passed through a proxy file.
  • BUG-000104914: InfoGraphic now passes the returnGeometry during a request.
  • BUG-000108423: Point symbols containing a fill color now display as expected in map services enabled for dynamic layers.
  • BUG-00011037: Updated the Quickstart tutorial for PhoneGap/Cordova to include a missing meta tag.

Additional packages

Version 3.24 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript include:

Additional Resources on GitHub

Use the repository on GitHub for the JS API TypeScript definitions.

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