Integrate ArcGIS apps

ArcGIS Apps Integration app which integrates an instant app, dashboard and a story using ArcGIS Experience Builder.

ArcGIS apps, such as ArcGIS Instant Apps and ArcGIS Dashboards, can be integrated into ArcGIS Experience Builder to enhance the user experience and provide additional functionality.

Why integrate using Experience Builder?

Integrating ArcGIS apps using ArcGIS Experience Builder gives you the ability to create a seamless user experience, share data, and perform enhanced data analyses.

  • Seamless user experience: Experience Builder allows you to bring together multiple ArcGIS apps into a single web application. This integration provides a unified user experience eliminating the need for users to switch between different applications.

  • Data and functionality integration: Experience Builder enables you to pass attribute values, geometries, and other data between different ArcGIS apps. This integration allows for dynamic data sharing and synchronization, ensuring that all apps are working with the most up-to-date information.

  • Enhanced data analysis: By integrating ArcGIS apps, you can use the capabilities of different apps simultaneously. For example, you can combine the visualization capabilities of dashboards with the analytical capabilities of surveys. This integration enables more comprehensive and insightful data analysis.


The Integrate ArcGIS Apps with Experience Builder demo application above, a dashboard, instant app, and story were added to a web application created in Experience Builder. Instructions below guide you on how the demo web app was created.

Create an integrated web app

Select a template

Start with selecting from a list of templates.

In Experience Builder, create a new web application using a template and add three new application pages.

Embed ArcGIS apps

Embed widget

Embed widget allows you to add an ArcGIS app to your experience.

Using the Embed widget, you can embed any ArcGIS app in an Experience Builder web application.

  • Each application page will use the Embed widget.

  • When a web application is built, the Embed widget will be compiled into an HTML IFrame.


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