Configurable apps to Instant Apps

Santa Monica Trails Explorer app created with ArcGIS Instant Apps

ArcGIS Configurable Apps are web mapping applications that let you create apps without coding. You can choose from pre-configured templates with configurable components like map layers, tools, and widgets.

ArcGIS Instant Apps is the next generation of these apps. It allows you to create lightweight, focused mapping applications quickly. Instant Apps uses the latest ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript 4.x components and includes many of the templates from Configurable Apps.

To migrate an app from Configurable Apps to Instant Apps, the process may vary based on the chosen classic template. However, you can follow these general instructions to start migrating your existing apps to ArcGIS Instant Apps.

How to migrate to ArcGIS Instant Apps

  1. Evaluate your existing app

    The first step is to evaluate your existing app and determine if it is a good candidate for migration to Instant Apps. Some factors to consider include:

    • Purpose of the app.
    • Complexity of the workflow.
    • Size of the data being used.
  2. Create a new Instant App

    You can create a new app with the Instant Apps. Use the builder to configure the app's functionality, map layout, and design.

  3. Test the app

    It is important to thoroughly test the new web app to ensure that it functions as expected.

  4. Share the app

    Once you are satisfied with the new web app, you can deploy it to your organization's ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise environment. You can then share the app with your intended audience and begin using it.

Listed below are several Configurable Apps templates and its equivalent in ArcGIS Instant Apps.

Configurable Apps Template NameInstant Apps Template Name
Attachment ViewerAttachment Viewer
Basic ViewerSidebar
Zone LookupZone Lookup


Use tools to create different types of content and build low-code/no-code applications.

Learn more on creating web apps using ArcGIS Instant Apps.


Use tools to access the ArcGIS organization and create and manage content for your no-code applications.

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