Create a web app

Learn how to use ArcGIS Experience Builder to load and display your web map.

Santa Monica trails web app created with ArcGIS Experience Builder.

ArcGIS Experience Builder provides a user-friendly interface and predefined templates and widgets you can use to create web applications.

In this tutorial, you use Experience Builder to create a new experience to display a web map.



For this tutorial, you will use the publicly available LA Parks and Trails Map (styled) web map.

Copy a web map

  1. Using the LA Parks and Trails Map (styled) web map, click on Open in Map Viewer.

  2. Sign into your organization and click Save and open > Save as to save the web map to your organization.

You now have a copy of the LA Parks and Trails Map (styled) web map.

Create a web app

  1. Go to the item details for the LA Parks and Trails Map (styled) in your organization and click Create Web App > Experience Builder.

  2. In the Experience Builder template selection page, click on the Blank fullscreen template. Your web map will be loaded in a "Map" widget in builder mode of Experience Builder.

  3. Click on the Map widget until a small pop-up menu appears on the top left of the widget.

  4. In the menu, click Align > Full size to fully expand the "Map" widget.

Enable capabilities

The Map widget allows you to enable Search, Zoom, and other capabilities to improve the user experience of your web app.

  1. Click on the Map widget to view the available properties.

  2. In the right-panel, under the Tools section, enable Zoom, Home, Navigation, Compass, Search, Layers, and Basemap.

  3. Click the Save icon and Publish on the top panel.

You successfully loaded a web map into an Experience Builder web app. Your app should now look like this. You can continue to customize your web app by adding more content, such as text, images, and widgets.


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