IBufferConstructionProperties2 Interface

Provides access to members that control whether buffering is done on a plane or on an ellipsoid.


Name Description
Read/write property BufferProgress Report the progress of a buffer operation via this callback interface.
Read/write property DensifyDeviation For planar buffering, the max dist. between a line connecting two buffer curve points and the true curve (defaults to -1, indicating 1000 * xy tol of sr of input geoms ). For geodesic buffering default to 10 meters.
Read/write property DistanceOffsets Constructs concentric buffers at the base distance plus each distance offset.
Read/write property EndOption Specifies the shape of the end caps of polyline buffers; defaults to 'esriBufferRound'.
Read/write property ExplodeBuffers Specifies whether or not output buffers can have multiple outer rings (defaut is false).
Read/write property GenerateCurves Specifies whether sequences of curve points are replaced with true curves in the output buffers (default is true).
Read/write property OutsideOnly Excludes the inside of the input polygon from the output buffer (default = false).
Read/write property SideOption Specifies on which side of a polyline its buffer is constructed; defaults to 'esriBufferFull' (both sides).
Read/write property UnionOverlappingBuffers Specifies whether or not overlaps are preserved in the set of output buffers (default is false).
Read/write property Unit The unit of measure used for the buffering distance and densification deviation distance (optional, default units are obtained from spatial reference of input geometries).
Read/write property UseGeodesicBuffering Specifies whether planar or geodesic (on an ellipsoid) buffering is done.

IBufferConstructionProperties2.UseGeodesicBuffering Property

Specifies whether planar or geodesic (on an ellipsoid) buffering is done.

Public Property UseGeodesicBuffering As Boolean
public bool UseGeodesicBuffering {get; set;}

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IBufferConstructionProperties Provides access to members that control how sets of geometries are buffered.

Classes that implement IBufferConstructionProperties2

Classes Description
BufferConstruction Buffers collections of lines or collections of polygons.

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