ISphere Interface

Provides access to a sphere's properties and operations.


Name Description
Read/write property Center The center of the sphere.
Read-only property Dimension The topological dimension of this geometry.
Read-only property Envelope Creates a copy of this geometry's envelope and returns it.
Read-only property GeometryType The type of this geometry.
Method GeoNormalize Shifts longitudes, if need be, into a continuous range of 360 degrees.
Method GeoNormalizeFromLongitude Normalizes longitudes into a continuous range containing the longitude. This method is obsolete.
Read-only property IsEmpty Indicates whether this geometry contains any points.
Method Project Projects this geometry into a new spatial reference.
Method QueryCenter Sets an existing point equal to the center of the sphere.
Method QueryEnvelope Copies this geometry's envelope properties into the specified envelope.
Read/write property Radius The radius of the sphere.
Method SetEmpty Removes all points from this geometry.
Method SnapToSpatialReference Moves points of this geometry so that they can be represented in the precision of the geometry's associated spatial reference system.
Read/write property SpatialReference The spatial reference associated with this geometry.

ISphere.Center Property

The center of the sphere.

Public Property Center As IPoint
public IPoint Center {get; set;}


Returns or sets the Center Point of the Sphere. This Point MUST have X, Y, and Z values defined to be a valid Center.


Sphere Center Example

ISphere.QueryCenter Method

Sets an existing point equal to the center of the sphere.

Public Sub QueryCenter ( _
    ByVal CenterPoint As IPoint _
public void QueryCenter (
    IPoint CenterPoint


Returns the Point corresponding to the Center of the Sphere.


Note: The output geometry must be co-created prior to the query. The output geometry is not co-created by the method; it is populated. This can be used in performance critical situations. For example, creating the geometry only once outside a loop and use the query method could improve performance.

Sphere QueryCenter Example

ISphere.Radius Property

The radius of the sphere.

Public Property Radius As Double
public double Radius {get; set;}


Returns or sets the Radius of the Sphere. The radius is the distance from the Center of the Sphere to all points on the surface of the Sphere.


Sphere Radius Example

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IGeometry Provides access to members that describe properties and behavior of all geometric objects.

Classes that implement ISphere

Classes Description
Sphere A complete sphere.


Sphere Example

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