IConstructBezierCurve Interface

Provides access to members that construct a Bezier curve using other geometries and measures.


ConstructBezierCurve can be used to construct a BezierCurve using ChordLength Tangents. This is an alternative BezierCurve construction to using Control Points. ChordLength Tangents and Control Points are not the same thing even though they lie on the same line.


Name Description
Method ConstructTangentsAtEndpoints Constructs a Bezier curve from tangents at both endpoints.

IConstructBezierCurve.ConstructTangentsAtEndpoints Method

Constructs a Bezier curve from tangents at both endpoints.

Public Sub ConstructTangentsAtEndpoints ( _
    ByVal pTangentAtFrom As ILine, _
    ByVal pTangentAtTo As ILine _
public void ConstructTangentsAtEndpoints (
    ILine pTangentAtFrom,
    ILine pTangentAtTo


Constructs a BezierCurve from the ChordLength Tangents are both ends of the BezierCurve. ChordLength Tangents are an alternative method of defining a BezierCurve without using Control Points. While the internal Control Points lie on the same line as the ChordLength Tangents, they are not the same thing.

Classes that implement IConstructBezierCurve

Classes Description
BezierCurve A cubic Bezier curve defined between two points; optionally has measure, height and ID attributes at each endpoint.

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