SegmentOverlapEnum Constants

Describes the overlap between segments.

Constant Value Description
SegmentOverlapEqual 1 Segments overlap completely.
SegmentOverlapRightAtBeginning 2 The beginning of the right segment completely overlaps the left segment.
SegmentOverlapLeftAtBeginning 3 The beginning of the left segment completely overlaps the right segment.
SegmentOverlapRightInMiddle 4 The right segment is completely overlapped within the middle of the left segment.
SegmentOverlapRightAtEnd 5 The right segment is completely overlapped at the end of the left segment.
SegmentOverlapStaggered 6 Overlap is staggered between segments without either being completely overlapped.
SegmentOverlapMask 15 Mask for overlap.
SegmentOverlapVertical 16 Segments overlap occurs vertically.

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