esriShapeImportFlags Constants

Flags used to control the behavior of IESRIShape2 import methods.

Constant Value Description
esriShapeImportDefaults 0 Uses default import behavior: performs byte swapping if the current platform is Big-Endian (Sun, Motorola, etc.), assumes the geometry being imported is simple, and does not attach to the import buffer.
esriShapeImportNoSwap 1 Assumes shapefile standard byte ordering, regardless of current platform architecture. The default is to perform byte swapping if the current platform architecture is Big-Endian.
esriShapeImportNonTrusted 2 Does not assume that the input shapefile buffer represents a topologically correct geometry.
esriShapeImportAttach 4 Attaches the geometry directly to the input shapefile buffer. The default is to copy data from the buffer.
esriShapeImportRecalculateEnvelope 8 Causes the envelope of the imported shape to be recalculated.

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