esriMCurveRelationEnum Constants

Information about where an M value falls relative to a curve (IMSegmentation2::GetSubcurveBetweenMsEx).

Constant Value Description
esriMRelationUndetermined 0 The relationship between the M and the curve could not be determined.
esriMBetweenMinMax 1 The M is between the curve's min and max Ms.
esriMBelowMin 2 The M is less than the curve's min M.
esriMAboveMax 3 The M is greater than the curve's max M.
esriMRelationCurveEmpty 16 The curve is empty.
esriMRelationCurveHasNoMs 32 The curve is not empty, but it has no M values set.
esriMRelationMIsNaN 48 The M is not a number (NaN).
esriMRelationBasicMask 3 Mask for use in determining the general relationship without additional details.
esriMRelationUndeterminedDetailsMask 48 Mask for use in determining special circumstances surrounding an undetermined relation.

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