esriSRProjection4Type Constants

More available map projections.

Constant Value Description
esriSRProjection_​Cube 43055 World on a Cube.
esriSRProjection_​Fuller 43052 Buckminster Fuller.
esriSRProjection_​Local 43058 Local Cartesian.
esriSRProjection_​RobinsonArcInfo 43057 Robinson from ArcInfo Workstation.
esriSRProjection_​RSO_​NaturalOrigin 43053 Rectified Skew Orthomorphic - Natural Origin.
esriSRProjection_​RSO_​Center 43054 Rectified Skew Orthomorphic - Center.
esriSRProjection_​TransverseMercatorComplex 43056 Transverse Mercator using Complex Math.
esriSRProjection_​StereographicNorthPole 43050 Stereographic - North Pole.
esriSRProjection_​StereographicSouthPole 43051 Stereographic - South Pole.
esriSRProjection_​GoodeHomolosine 43059 Goode Homolosine.


This enumeration contains entries for the predefined projections added for version 9.0. Please see esriSRProjectionType, esriSRProjection2Type, and esriSRProjection3Type for other predefined projections. A value corresponds to the factory code used in the Projection Engine library.

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