esriGeometryError Constants

Describes why a parameter to a method is incorrect, or why a method could not be completed.

Constant Value Description
E_​GEOMETRY_​EMPTYGEOMETRY 32514 (0x80047F02) An operation on an empty geometry was attempted - for example, trying to move or rotate one.
E_​GEOMETRY_​INCONSISTANT_​PARAMS 32515 (0x80047F03) The input parameters could not be reasonably interpreted - for example, asking for the 2d result of a polyline/polygon intersection.
E_​GEOMETRY_​INVALID_​RADIUS 32516 (0x80047F04) An arc construction operation was given an invalid radius.
E_​GEOMETRY_​INVALID_​CHORD 32517 (0x80047F05) An arc construction operation was given an invalid chord distance.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NONENVELOPE 32518 (0x80047F06) Not used.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NONPART 32519 (0x80047F07) Not used.
E_​GEOMETRY_​ROTATEENVELOPE 32520 (0x80047F08) Envelopes cannot be rotated.
E_​GEOMETRY_​TRANSFORMENVELOPE 32521 (0x80047F09) Envelopes cannot have arbitrary transformations applied to them.
E_​GEOMETRY_​WRONGTYPE 32522 (0x80047F0a) The geometry parameter was of the wrong type for the method.
E_​GEOMETRY_​UNKNOWNTYPE 32523 (0x80047F0b) The GeometryEnvironment did not know how to create a geometry of the specified type.
E_​GEOMETRY_​UNDERCONSTRAINED 32524 (0x80047F0c) The parameters to a geometric construction did not provide enough information to complete the construction.
E_​GEOMETRY_​INVALID_​ANGLE 32525 (0x80047F0d) An arc construction operation was given an invalid angle.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NONPATH 32526 (0x80047F0e) Not used.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NONSEGMENT 32527 (0x80047F0f) Not used.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NONPOINT 32528 (0x80047F10) Something other than a point was added to a multipoint.
E_​GEOMETRY_​INCONSISTANT_​SPATIAL_​REFERENCE 32533 (0x80047F15) Input geometries do not have same spatial reference.
E_​GEOMETRY_​PARTNOTFOUND 32535 (0x80047F17) The part could not be found in the geometry.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NOTSIMPLE 32536 (0x80047F18) The operation cannot be performed on a non-simple geometry.
E_​GEOMETRY_​INTERIORPART 32537 (0x80047F19) Not used.
E_​GEOMETRY_​BAD_​SPLIT_​DISTANCE 32540 (0x80047F1c) The specified splitting distance is not included in the curve to be split.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NULL 32541 (0x80047F1d) A null geometry does not correspond to any Esri geometry type.
E_​GEOMETRY_​CANT_​RESHAPE 32542 (0x80047F1e) Not used.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NONPOLYGON 32543 (0x80047F1f) Something other than a polygon was encountered.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NONPOLYLINE 32544 (0x80047F20) Something other than a polyline was encountered.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NONGEOMETRY 32545 (0x80047F21) Something other than a geometry was encountered.
E_​GEOMETRY_​EQUAL_​VERTEX_​ATTRIBUTES 32547 (0x80047F23) Not used.
E_​GEOMETRY_​CANT_​QUERY_​ON_​VERTEX_​ATTRIBUTES 32549 (0x80047F25) Not used.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NO_​VALID_​VERTEX_​ATTRIBUTES 32550 (0x80047F26) Not used.
E_​GEOMETRY_​UNDEFINED_​SPATIAL_​REFERENCE 32551 (0x80047F27) The operation requires the presence of a spatial reference.
E_​GEOMETRY_​INCONSISTANT_​DIMENSIONS 32553 (0x80047F29) Input geometries do not have same dimensions.
E_​GEOMETRY_​SIMPLIFYFAILED 32556 (0x80047F2c) Something went wrong in Polygon/Polyline simplification.
E_​GEOMETRY_​PROJECTDATUM 32558 (0x80047F2e) The project method cannot do a datum transformation directly on segments.
E_​GEOMETRY_​FILLET_​FAILED 32559 (0x80047F2f) The fillet could not be constructed according to specs.
E_​GEOMETRY_​INVALID_​AXES 32560 (0x80047F30) An elliptic arc construction operation was given invalid axes.
E_​GEOMETRY_​CANT_​CUT_​POLYGON 32561 (0x80047F31) A cut operation could not classify all parts of the polygon as being left or right of the cutting polyline.
E_​GEOMETRY_​BADRELATION 32562 (0x80047F32) The Relate operator couldn't evalute the specified relation expression.
E_​GEOMETRY_​HAS_​NL_​SEGMENTS 32563 (0x80047F33) A geometry being exported to an Esri shapefile buffer contains non-linear segments. Some data sources cannot store non linear segments.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NOT_​Z_​AWARE 32564 (0x80047F34) The geometry is not Z-aware.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NOT_​M_​AWARE 32565 (0x80047F35) The geometry is not M-aware.
E_​GEOMETRY_​SEGMENTGRAPH_​CANTLOAD 32566 (0x80047F36) A SegmentGraph can only organize polyline and polygon objects.
E_​GEOMETRY_​SEGMENTGRAPH_​CONSTRUCTERROR 32567 (0x80047F37) The geometries could not be topologically structured.
E_​GEOMETRY_​OUT_​OF_​BOUNDS 32568 (0x80047F38) The coordinates of this geometry are out of bounds.
E_​GEOMETRY_​INTERNALERROR 32569 (0x80047F39) An internal error has occurred in the geometry system.
E_​GEOMETRY_​TOOMANYPOINTS 32570 (0x80047F3a) This operation produced too many points.
E_​GEOMETRY_​BUFFEROUTOFBOUNDS 32571 (0x80047F3b) The buffer coordinates are out of bounds.
E_​GEOMETRY_​OUTOFMEMORY 32572 (0x80047F3c) There is not enough memory.
E_​GEOMETRY_​RELATIONSYNTAXERROR 32573 (0x80047F3d) The relation expression string has a syntax error.
E_​GEOMETRY_​UNKNOWNERROR 32574 (0x80047F3e) An unknown error has occurred in the geometry system.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NOPENDINGMOVETO 32575 (0x80047F3f) The SegmentGraphCursor has no unfinished MoveTo operation.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NOT_​ID_​AWARE 32576 (0x80047F40) The geometry is not ID-aware.
E_​GEOMETRY_​ILLEGALWIN32EXPORT 32577 (0x80047F41) Not used.
E_​GEOMETRY_​CONSTRUCTPOINTUNION 32578 (0x80047F42) Can't use ConstructUnion on a point.
E_​GEOMETRY_​BEZIER_​EXTEND_​EMBEDDED 32579 (0x80047F43) ExtendEmbedded not implemented for Bezier curves.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NOT_​Z_​SIMPLE 32580 (0x80047F44) The geometry has undefined Z values for some of its vertices.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NOT_​M_​SIMPLE 32581 (0x80047F45) The geometry has undefined M values for some of its vertices.
E_​GEOMETRY_​INVALIDCONSTRUCTION 32582 (0x80047F46) Not used.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NONMULTIPATCH 32585 (0x80047F49) Something other than a multipatch was encountered.
E_​GEOMETRY_​UNDEFINEDRING 32586 (0x80047F4a) The multipatch contains a ring that is invalid or has an undefined type.
E_​GEOMETRY_​INVALIDRINGTYPE 32587 (0x80047F4b) The given ring is not of the required type within the multipatch. (For example an inner ring may be used where an outer ring is required.)
E_​GEOMETRY_​AMBIGUOUSPARTTYPE 32588 (0x80047F4c) The operation would result in the creation of a new part, but the type of part to be created was ambiguous.
E_​GEOMETRY_​INVALIDRINGORDER 32589 (0x80047F4d) The ordering of rings and types is invalid. (For example, an inner ring may not have an outer ring.)
E_​GEOMETRY_​INVALIDCOUNT 32590 (0x80047F4e) The number of items specified is too high or too low in the given context.
E_​GEOMETRY_​EXTERIORPART 32591 (0x80047F4f) An interior part must be specified.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NONTRIANGLESTRIP 32592 (0x80047F50) The input interface does not belong to a triangle strip object.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NONTRIANGLEFAN 32593 (0x80047F51) The input interface does not belong to a triangle fan object.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NONVECTOR3D 32594 (0x80047F52) The input interface does not belong to a 3-dimensional vector.
E_​GEOMETRY_​DEGENERATEGEOMETRY 32595 (0x80047F53) The operation could not be performed because the geometry is degenerate.
E_​GEOMETRY_​DUPLICATESEGMENTPOINTER 32597 (0x80047F55) The same segment has been added to the geometry more than once.
E_​GEOMETRY_​INSUFFICIENT_​CONTROLPOINTS 32598 (0x80047F56) The number of control points is insufficient.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NOT_​BEZIERCURVES 32599 (0x80047F57) The participating segments must be Bezier curves.
E_​GEOMETRY_​TRANSFORMATION_​UNDEFINED 32600 (0x80047F58) The transformation is undefined.
E_​GEOMETRY_​SR_​Z_​MISMATCH 32601 (0x80047F59) The geometry is z-aware, but its spatial reference has no z domain or resolution defined.
E_​GEOMETRY_​SR_​M_​MISMATCH 32602 (0x80047F5a) The geometry is m-aware, but its spatial reference has no m domain or resolution defined.
E_​GEOMETRY_​INPUT_​TYPE_​MISMATCH 32603 (0x80047F5b) The geometries are not all of the same type.
E_​GEOMETRY_​INPUT_​TYPE_​INCORRECT 32604 (0x80047F5c) The geometries must be polylines or polygons.
E_​GEOMETRY_​EDITED_​REGIONS_​OVERLAP 32605 (0x80047F5d) Cannot merge the two geometries. The edited regions overlap.
E_​GEOMETRY_​PART_​ZS_​ARE_​NAN 32606 (0x80047F5e) A polygon part has no defined zs.
E_​GEOMETRY_​CANNOT_​EXTRAPOLATE_​BY_​SEGMENT 32607 (0x80047F5f) No segment available to determine extrapolation ratio.
E_​GEOMETRY_​EDITS_​OVERLAP 32608 (0x80047F60) Cannot merge the two geometries. The edits overlap.
E_​GEOMETRY_​UNIT_​CONVERSION 32609 (0x80047F61) Cannot convert between linear and angular units.
E_​GEOMETRY_​BUFFER_​DISTANCES 32610 (0x80047F62) There was a problem obtaining a distance at which to buffer a geometry.
E_​GEOMETRY_​OPERATION_​CANCELLED 32611 (0x80047F63) The geometry operation was cancelled.
E_​GEOMETRY_​WRONG_​RELATION_​AND_​TYPE 32613 (0x80047F65) The specified combination of relation and geometry types is not valid.
E_​GEOMETRY_​BUFFERCONSTRUCTION_​INUSE 32614 (0x80047F66) A client has attempted to re-enter a BufferConstruction object while its ConstructBuffers... operation method executing.
E_​GEOMETRY_​BUFFERFAILURE 32615 (0x80047F67) An error occurred during the buffer operation.
E_​GEOMETRY_​TOLERANCE_​TOO_​LARGE_​FOR_​EXTENT 32616 (0x80047F68) The xy cluster tolerance was too large for the extent of the data.
E_​GEOMETRY_​BUFFER_​INVALID_​SIDE_​OPTION 32617 (0x80047F69) The side option used by the BufferConstruction service must be one of: esriBufferLeft, esriBufferRight, esriBufferFull.
E_​GEOMETRY_​BUFFER_​INVALID_​END_​OPTION 32618 (0x80047F6a) The end option used by the BufferConstruction service must be one of: esriBufferFlat, esriBufferRound.
E_​GEOMETRY_​BUFFER_​INVALID_​BUFFER_​DISTANCE 32619 (0x80047F6b) The buffer distance must be a valid floating point number.
E_​GEOMETRY_​AUTHORITY_​TOO_​LONG 32620 (0x80047F6c) The authority parameter is too long.
E_​GEOMETRY_​WKT_​TOO_​LONG 32621 (0x80047F6d) The WKT(Z) parameter is too long.
E_​GEOMETRY_​PARAMETER_​TOO_​SMALL 32622 (0x80047F6e) An input parameter is too small.
E_​GEOMETRY_​ZM_​OUT_​OF_​BOUNDS 32623 (0x80047F6f) The z or m coordinates of this geometry are out of bounds.
E_​GEOMETRY_​Z_​OUT_​OF_​BOUNDS 32624 (0x80047F70) The z coordinates of this geometry are out of bounds.
E_​GEOMETRY_​M_​OUT_​OF_​BOUNDS 32625 (0x80047F71) The m coordinates of this geometry are out of bounds.
E_​GEOMETRY_​CANNOT_​DO_​3D_​OPERATIONS_​ON_​CURVES 32626 (0x80047F72) Cannot do 3D operations on curve segments.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NOT_​SINGLEPART 32627 (0x80047F73) The reshaping polyline must have one part.
E_​GEOMETRY_​CANT_​EVALUATE_​RELATION_​MATRIX 32628 (0x80047F74) Some combinations of geometries with vertical segments cannot be evaluated with a 9DEM relational expression.
E_​GEOMETRY_​BUFFER_​INVOLVES_​BOTH_​POLES 32632 (0x80047F78) A buffer cannot currently cover both poles.
E_​GEOMETRY_​GEODESIC_​BUFFER_​COORD_​OUT_​OF_​RANGE 32633 (0x80047F79) The input was outside a +-360 longitude range or outside +-90 latitude.
E_​GEOMETRY_​NO_​CURVES_​IN_​JSON 32634 (0x80047F7a) Cannot convert polylines or polygons with curves to JSON format.
E_​GEOMETRY_​JSON_​SYNTAX 32635 (0x80047F7b) Syntax error in JSON geometry representation.
E_​GEOMETRY_​BUFFER_​NEGATIVE_​DISTANCE 32636 (0x80047F7c) Cannot buffer points or polyines by a negative distance.
E_​GEOMETRY_​JSON_​BAD_​SHORTFORM_​POINTS 32637 (0x80047F7d) Cannot create points from short-form point array.
E_​GEOMETRY_​BUFFER_​DISTANCE_​ZERO 32638 (0x80047F7e) Cannot buffer a geometry with a distance of zero.
E_​GEOMETRY_​INVALIDTRIANGLESTYPE 32639 (0x80047F7f) Triangles part of a multipatch is invalid (For example triangles part must have number of vertices divisible by 3).

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