esriPEWKTMode Constants

Flags of the mask to pass to the WKT string in IPEWKTExport.

Constant Value Description
esriPEWKTMode_​AuthTop 1 Include auth in top-level obj only
esriPEWKTMode_​AuthAll 2 Include auth in all objects
esriPEWKTMode_​AuthVersion 4 Include authority version
esriPEWKTMode_​DisplayNameTop 16 Include disp name in top-level obj
esriPEWKTMode_​DisplayNameAll 32 Include disp name in all objects
esriPEWKTMode_​DisplayNameCanonical 128 Use canonical (internal) name
esriPEWKTMode_​FormattedWithSpaces 256 Multiple line with space indents
esriPEWKTMode_​FormattedWithTabs 512 Multiple line with tab indents
esriPEWKTMode_​LegacyPrecision 33554432 Legacy digit precision
esriPEWKTMode_​NoMetadata 32768 Exclude metadata from string
esriPEWKTMode_​WKT 65536 Output string in WKT format (dafault)
esriPEWKTMode_​Proj4 262144 Output string in PROJ4 format
esriPEWKTMode_​WKT2 1048576 Output string in PROJ4 format

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