esriConstructOffsetEnum Constants

Options for offset behavior at polycurve segment intersection corners.

Constant Value Description
esriConstructOffsetSimple 1 Post-processes the offset curve to remove self-intersecting loops (output will correspond to part of a buffer boundary).
esriConstructOffsetMitered 2 Constructs the offset curve to form a point about an obtuse angle.
esriConstructOffsetBevelled 4 Constructs the offset curve to be bevelled about an obtuse angle. Can be combined with esriConstructOffsetMitered.
esriConstructOffsetRounded 8 Constructs the offset curve to be rounded about an obtuse angle. Can be combined with esriConstructOffsetMitered.


Determines how ConstructOffset handles the offset of outer corners. When the normal offsets for connecting segments intersects, the offset is the same regardless of the value used for esriConstructOffsetEnum. However, when the normal offsets of connecting segments do not intersect, the esriContructOffsetEnum determines how these offsets are to be connected.

Construct Offset Methods2

The BevelRatio determines the maximum distance between the corner and the offset before bevelling or rounding is applied.

esriConstructOffsetSimple   = Removes self-intersecting arcs
esriConstructOffsetMitered  = Extends segments until they intersect
esriConstructOffsetBevelled = Adds a Line segment to create a Bevelled corner
esriConstructOffsetRounded  = Adds a CircularArc segment to create a Rounded corner

``Note: If esriConstructOffsetMitered extends too far before intersection, the corner is eventually Bevelled.

esriConstructOffsetSimple can be added to the other enumeration values. For example, to create a rounded offset without self-intersecting loops the value to use would be: ``

esriConstructOffsetRounded + esriConstructOffsetSimple

Construct Offset Methods

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