esriShapeExportFlags Constants

Flags used to control the behavior of IESRIShape2 export methods.

Constant Value Description
esriShapeExportDefaults 0 Exports curves, Zs, Ms, and point IDs (circular and elliptical arcs in 9.1 format). Records NaNs in a format compatible with older versions of ArcView. Performs byte swapping if the current platform architecture is Big-Endian.
esriShapeExportNoSwap 1 Does not perform byte swapping on the output shapefile buffer.
esriShapeExportAngularDensify 2 Exports densified versions of non-linear segments. Generates new vertices at constant angles along those segments.
esriShapeExportDistanceDensify 4 Exports densified versions of non-linear segments. Generates new vertices using a Douglas-Peucker style algorithm.
esriShapeExportTrueNaNs 8 Exports undefined double precision values as true NaNs (IEEE Non-A-Number). The default is to use large, negative values.
esriShapeExportStripZs 16 Removes zs from exported shape.
esriShapeExportStripMs 32 Removes ms from exported shape.
esriShapeExportStripIDs 64 Removes ids from exported shape.
esriShapeExportStripTextures 128 Removes Textures from exported multipatch.
esriShapeExportStripNormals 256 Removes normals from exported multipatch.
esriShapeExportStripMaterials 512 Removes materials attributes from exported multipatch.
esriShapeExportNewArcFormat 1024 Exports circular and elliptical arcs in 9.2 format - only suitable for non-persistant use or persistance in a 9.2 geodatabase.
esriShapeExportNoCompress 2048 Does not compress the output shapefile buffer.
esriShapeExportPreserveTextureCompression 4096 Preserve texture compression.

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