esriSRProjection3Type Constants

More map projections.

Constant Value Description
esriSRProjection_​Aitoff 43043 Aitoff.
esriSRProjection_​HammerAitoff 43044 Hammer-Aitoff.
esriSRProjection_​CrasterParabolic 43046 Craster Parabolic.
esriSRProjection_​WinkelTripel 43042 Winkel Tripel.
esriSRProjection_​Times 43048 Times.
esriSRProjection_​Gnomonic 43047 Gnomonic.
esriSRProjection_​Orthographic 43041 Orthographic.
esriSRProjection_​FlatPolarQuartic 43045 Flat Polar Quartic.
esriSRProjection_​VerticalNearSidePerspective 43049 Vertical Near-Side Perspective.


This enumeration contains entries for some of the predefined projections. Please see esriSRProjectionType, esriSRProjection2Type, and esriSRProjection4Type for other predefined projections. A value corresponds to the factory code used in the Projection Engine library.

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