esriNonSimpleReasonEnum Constants

Describes ways in which a geometry could be non-simple.

Constant Value Description
esriNonSimpleOK 0
esriNonSimpleRingOrientation 1 A polygon is topologically simple, but its rings may not be oriented correctly (outer rings - cw, inner rings - ccw).
esriNonSimpleSegmentOrientation 2 Individual segments are not consistantly oriented. The 'to' point of seg i should be incident on the 'from' point of seg i+1.
esriNonSimpleShortSegments 3 Some segments are shorter than allowed by the system units of the spatial reference associated with the geometry.
esriNonSimpleSelfIntersections 4 The interior of each part (rings, planar paths) must not intersect itself or other parts.
esriNonSimpleUnclosedRing 5 The last segment in a ring must have its 'to' point incident on the 'from' point of the first segment.
esriNonSimpleEmptyPart 6 The geometry contains an empty part.
esriNonSimpleMismatchedAttributes 7 The geometry has mismatched attributes.
esriNonSimpleDiscontinuousParts 8 The geometry contains discontinuous parts.
esriNonSimpleEmptyZValues 9 The geometry is Z-aware but contains NaN Zs.
esriNonSimpleDuplicateVertex 10 The geometry has a duplicate vertex.

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