esriGeometryAttributes Constants

The set of attributes that a geometry can have.

Constant Value Description
esriAttributeNone 0 No attribute.
esriAttributeZ 128 The height (Z) attribute.
esriAttributeM 64 The measure (M) attribute.
esriAttributeID 16 The vertex identifier (ID, PointID) attribute.
esriAttributeNormal 8 The surface Normal attribute (Multipatch-specific).
esriAttributeTexture 4 The surface Texture attribute (Multipatch-specific).
esriAttributeAll 255 Any/all attributes.


Internal emuneration used to specify which attribute is being modified or returned. Each attribute is controlled individually by separate Awareness interfaces.

esriAttributeZ       = The Z attribute.  Set awareness with IZAware.
esriAttributeM       = The M (measure) attribute.  Set awareness with IMAware.
esriAttributeID      = The PointID attribute.  Set awareness with IPointIDAware.
esriAttributeNormal  = The Surface Normal attribute.  Set awareness with INormalAware.
esriAttributeTexture = The Surface Texture attribute.  Set awareness with ITextureAware.
esriAttributeAll     = Relates to all attributes.

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