esriEnvelopeVertex Constants

The "indexes" of the corners of an envelope. This enumeration can be used to interpret the hitSegmentIndex parameter of the IHitTest::HitTest method when hit testing against an envelope.

Constant Value Description
esriEnvelopeVertexLL 0 The lower left corner of the envelope.
esriEnvelopeVertexUL 1 The upper left corner of the envelope.
esriEnvelopeVertexUR 2 The upper right corner of the envelope.
esriEnvelopeVertexLR 3 The lower right corner of the envelope.


Describes which Envelope Vertex is being identified by the hitSegmentIndex returned by the HitTest method.

esriEnvelopeVertexLL = The LowerLeft Envelope Vertex
esriEnvelopeVertexUL = The UpperLeft Envelope Vertex
esriEnvelopeVertexUR = The UpperRight Envelope Vertex
esriEnvelopeVertexLR = The LowerRight Envelope Vertex

esriEnvelopeVertex Example

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