esriAsyncRetrievalState Constants

Tile retrieval state. Applicable to asynchronous retrieval from cached datasets only.

Constant Value Description
esriAsyncRetrievalState_​OK 0 Regular tile: tile retrieved successfully from the tile host.
esriAsyncRetrievalState_​IOFailure 1 Data is not present because of I/O failure.
esriAsyncRetrievalState_​BadData 2 Data, retrieved from the source, is corrupt.
esriAsyncRetrievalState_​MissingData 3 Data is not present on the source.
esriAsyncRetrievalState_​MissingTopData 4 Data is a top-level and is not present on the source, but more detailed LODs could be present for this location.
esriAsyncRetrievalState_​NotModified 5 Data is not modified on the server - the client has up-to-date version.

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