esriBuildSeamlinesMethod Constants

The types of build seamlines methods.

Constant Value Description
esriBuildSeamlinesByGeometry 1 Build seamlines by clipping footprints to form butt-joined polygons.
esriBuildSeamlinesByRadiometry 2 Build seamlines by radiometry.
esriBuildSeamlinesByCopyFootprint 3 Build seamlines by copying the footprints as seamlines.
esriBuildSeamlinesByCopyToSiblings 4 Build seamlines by copying seamlines to siblings.
esriBuildSeamlinesByEdgeDetection 5 Build seamlines by edge detection.
esriBuildSeamlinesByVoronoi 6 Build seamlines by voronoi.
esriBuildSeamlinesByAreaVoronoi 7 Build seamlines by area voronoi.
esriBuildSeamlinesByDisparity 8 Build seamlines by minimizing disparity.

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