esriInterpolateIrregularDataMethod Constants

The interpolation methods for InterpolateIrregularDataFunction.

Constant Value Description
esriNearestNeighbor 0 Every point goes to the closest pixel.
esriBilinear 1 Every point contributes to the four closest pixels.
esriTinningLinear 2 Linear tinning.
esriTinningNaturalNeighbor 3 Natural neighbor tinning.
esriInverseDistanceWeighted 4 Inverse distance weighted interpolation.
esriInterpolateMean 5 Mean method cell interpolation.
esriInterpolateQuadratic 6 Quadratic method cell interpolation.
esriInterpolateQuadraticEX 7 Quadratic EX method cell interpolation.
esriInterpolateMedian 8 Median method cell interpolation.

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