esriRasterLasClassType Constants

The class types for Las to raster function.

Constant Value Description
esriRasterLasClassAny -1 Any class.
esriRasterLasClassNeverClassified 0 Never classified.
esriRasterLasClassUnclassified 1 Unclassified.
esriRasterLasClassGround 2 Ground.
esriRasterLasClassLowVegetation 3 Low vegetation.
esriRasterLasClassMediumVegetation 4 Medium vegetation.
esriRasterLasClassHighVegetation 5 High vegetation.
esriRasterLasClassBuilding 6 Building.
esriRasterLasClassNoisyLowPoint 7 Noisy low point.
esriRasterLasClassModelKeyPoint 8 Model key point.
esriRasterLasClassWater 9 Water.
esriRasterLasClassRail 10 Rail.
esriRasterLasClassRoadSurface 11 Road Surface.
esriRasterLasClassReserved_​12 12 Reserved_​12.
esriRasterLasClassWireGuard 13 Wire - Guard (Shield).
esriRasterLasClassWireConductor 14 Wire - Conductor (Phase).
esriRasterLasClassTransmissionTower 15 Transmission Tower.
esriRasterLasClassWireStructureConnector 16 Wire-structure Connector (e.g. Insulator).
esriRasterLasClassBridgeDeck 17 Bridge Deck.
esriRasterLasClassHighNoise 18 High Noise.
esriRasterLasClassOverheadStructure 19 Overhead Structure.
esriRasterLasClassIgnoredGround 20 Ignored Ground.
esriRasterLasClassSnow 21 Snow.
esriRasterLasClassTemporalExclusion 22 Temporal Exclusion.

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