esriRasterCatalogItemCategory Constants

Possible raster categories in a mosaic dataset.

Constant Value Description
esriRasterCatalogItemCategoryUnknown 0 Mosaic dataset item category is unknown.
esriRasterCatalogItemCategoryPrimary 1 Mosaic dataset item holds primary (base) data.
esriRasterCatalogItemCategoryOverview 2 Mosaic dataset item is a service overview.
esriRasterCatalogItemCategoryUnprocessedOverview 3 Mosaic dataset item is an unprocessed service overview.
esriRasterCatalogItemCategoryPartialOverview 4 Mosaic dataset item is a partially processed service overview.
esriRasterCatalogItemCategoryInactive 5 Mosaic dataset item is inactive.
esriRasterCatalogItemCategoryUploaded 253 Mosaic dataset item has been uploaded.
esriRasterCatalogItemCategoryIncomplete 254 Mosaic dataset item is incomplete and needs to be synchronized before use.
esriesriRasterCatalogItemCategoryCustom 255 Custom raster catalog item category.

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