esriRasterBandArithmeticMethod Constants

The band arithmetic method.

Constant Value Description
esriBandArithmeticUserDefined 0 User Defined
esriBandArithmeticNDVI 1 NDVI: Normalized Differential Vegetation Index
esriBandArithmeticSAVI 2 SAVI: Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index
esriBandArithmeticTSAVI 3 TSAVI: Transformed Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index
esriBandArithmeticMSAVI 4 MSAVI: Modified Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index
esriBandArithmeticGEMI 5 GEMI: Global Environmental Monitoring Index
esriBandArithmeticPVI 6 PVI: Perpendicular Vegetation Index
esriBandArithmeticGVITM 7 GVI TM: Green Vegetation Index (Landsat TM)
esriBandArithmeticSultan 8 Sultans Process
esriBandArithmeticVARI 9 VARI: Visible Atmospherically Resistant Index
esriBandArithmeticGNDVI 10 GNDVI: Green NDVI
esriBandArithmeticSR 11 SR: Simple Ratio
esriBandArithmeticNDVIre 12 NDVIre: Red Edge NDVI
esriBandArithmeticSRre 13 SRre: Red Edge Simple Ratio
esriBandArithmeticMTVI2 14 MTVI2: Modified Triangular Vegetation Index
esriBandArithmeticRTVICore 15 RTVICore: Red Edge Traingular Vegetataion Index (Core Only)
esriBandArithmeticCIre 16 CIre: Chlorophyll Index - Red Edge
esriBandArithmeticCIg 17 CIg: Chlorophyll Index - Green
esriBandArithmeticNDWI 18 NDWI: Normalized difference water index, proposed in 1996
esriBandArithmeticEVI 19 EVI: Enhanced vegetation index
esriBandArithmeticIronOxide 20 Iron Oxide ratio
esriBandArithmeticFerrousMinerals 21 Ferrous Minerals Ratio
esriBandArithmeticClayMinerals 22 Clay Minerals Ratio
esriBandArithmeticWNDWI 23 Weighted normalized difference water index
esriBandArithmeticBAI 24 Burn area index
esriBandArithmeticNBR 25 Normalized Burn Ratio
esriBandArithmeticNDBI 26 Normalize Difference Build-up Index
esriBandArithmeticNDMI 27 Normalized Difference Moisture Index
esriBandArithmeticNDSI 28 Normalized Difference Snow Index
esriBandArithmeticMNDWI 29 Modified Normalized Difference Water Index

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