esriRasterLasReturnType Constants

The return types for Las to raster function.

Constant Value Description
esriRasterLasReturnAny -1 Any return.
esriRasterLasReturnFirst 1 First return.
esriRasterLasReturnSecond 2 Second return.
esriRasterLasReturnThird 3 Third return.
esriRasterLasReturnFourth 4 Fourth return.
esriRasterLasReturnFifth 5 Fifth return.
esriRasterLasReturnSixth 6 Sixth return.
esriRasterLasReturnSeventh 7 Seventh return.
esriRasterLasReturnEighth 8 Eighth return.
esriRasterLasReturnNinth 9 Ninth return.
esriRasterLasReturnTenth 10 Tenth return.
esriRasterLasReturnEleventh 11 Eleventh return.
esriRasterLasReturnTwelfth 12 Twelfth return.
esriRasterLasReturnThirteenth 13 Thirteenth return.
esriRasterLasReturnFourteenth 14 Fourteenth return.
esriRasterLasReturnFifteenth 15 Fifteenth return.
esriRasterLasReturnLast 256 Last return.

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