What's new 1.5

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Several new samples have been added, which include the following: how to use assets in a widget, how to utilize the extension for AppConfigProcessor extension point to translate the strings in app config, and how to write unit tests for a widget. See below to access some of the newest samples:

Builder updates

ArcGIS Experience Builder includes several new features and enhancements listed below.

  • Data sources—When setting a data source throughout your app, you can now search sublayers.
  • Pages—In scrolling pages, you can set links on widgets to scroll to a particular block on the page or return to the top of the page.
  • Outline—When you point to a widget in the outline, it's highlighted on the canvas.
  • Layout—You can now set an aspect ratio when using either the pixel or percent unit.

Developer documentation updates


Widget configuration includes several usability improvements. For example, some settings such as the Action tab and auto layout options only appear now for applicable widgets and layouts. In addition, the following widgets were updated:

  • Chart widget—The Chart widget now includes a button to clear the selection.
  • Feature Info widget—The Feature Info widget now supports scene layers.
  • Fly Controller widget—You can configure a new fly mode to plan routes by adding multiple points and paths to fly through.
  • List widget—Customize the size of list items for different screen sizes.
  • Survey widget—When selecting existing surveys, you can select a draft survey from the list and organization administrators can select surveys owned by other members.
  • Table widget—When configuring fields for the sheet, you can now clear the selection and drag selected fields to reorder them. Tables with search enabled now show search suggestions when users type in the search box.
  • Text widget—The Text widget has a new font size unit for vw (view width). You can now set a link for the entire widget instead of just specific words.

Breaking changes


  • The typescript build target is changed from es5 to es6
  • Unit tests for widgets that use enzyme don't work anymore, need to refactor to
Use dark colors for code blocksCopy
const render = widgetRender();
const Widget = wrapWidget(_Widget);


  • DataSource's makeSureSelectedRecords method is removed. The selected record ids in URL parameters will be loaded when selection data view is ready.


  • TextInput component
    • Prop valid and invalid are removed
    • Add two new props: checkValidityOnChange and checkValidityOnAccept
    • The type texearea is removed from the text input. A new component for text area is added, TextArea.
  • Tabs component
    • Combine tabs: boolean, underline : boolean, pills : boolean into type : 'underline' | 'tabs' | 'pills'.
    • Remove props active : boolean and defaultActive : boolean from Tab component, instead, use value: string and defaultValue : string to specify the id of the tab to be selected.
    • Rename onTabSelect to onChange.
    • Remove prop onClose in Tab component, you should use it in Tabs component.
  • Alert component
    • Rename isOpen to open.
    • Rename color to type, the four types of 'warning', 'error', 'info', and 'success' are supported.
    • Rename toggle to onClose.
    • Remove props closeClassName, closeAriaLabel, fade, tag, transition andinnerRef.
  • AlertPopup component prop cancleLabel is renamed to cancelLabel
  • FieldSelector component prop placeHolder is renamed to placeholder.
  • Draggable component prop enableUserSelectHack is renamed to disableUserSelectWhenDragging
  • UserProfile component
    • userThumbnail, theme and intl props are removed
    • saveStatus is changed to isAppSaved
    • Add new prop: helpUrl
  • DropdownMenu component prop alightment is changed to alignment
  • WidgetPlaceholder component prop type is renamed to iconSize
  • SidePopper component prop toggle and prop trigger are required.


  • JimuMapView, JimuLayerView and JimuLayerViewComponent components, the datasourceId is changed to dataSourceId

Previous releases

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