About release versions

ArcGIS Experience Builder has three release formats—ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise, and the developer edition. The exbVersion variable is used to track the product changes. You can obtain the version by typing jimuConfig.exbVersion in the browser console when the app starts. The following table shows the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript (JSAPI) versions that correspond to the release versions among the three formats, as well as the recommened Node.js versions to work with the developer editions:

exbVersionJSAPI versionsArcGIS EnterpriseDeveloper editionArcGIS OnlineRecomended Node.js versions 202316 202216 202214
1.84.2311.01.8March 202214 202214 202114
1.54.2010.9.11.5June 202114 202114
1.34.1810.91.3December 202014 202012 202012
1.04.1510.8.11.0February 202012

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