Add utility services

Utility services enable specific functionality in an organization, such as printing maps, locating addresses, and finding directions.

Select utility services

You can add utility services from the Utility service panel, either by entering service URLs or by selecting ArcGIS Online items. You can browse utility service items in your content, groups, and organization, or use service items publicly shared through ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World.

You can also add utility services while configuring a widget that uses them by clicking Add utility in the widget's settings. Utility services added this way also appear in the Utility services panel and are available to select when configuring other widgets.

ArcGIS Experience Builder supports the following types of utility services:

  • Geocoding
  • Data enrichment
  • Geoprocessing
  • Geometry
  • Printing
  • Directions and routing

Remove utility services

You can remove utility services in the Utility service panel. When you remove a utility service, it is no longer available for widget configuration.

Utility service details

The Utility service panel displays item cards for the utility services you add to the app. Labels with icons help you differentiate between service types. You can view additional details by clicking a card and clicking the link to open the service directory or item page (for utility services added by URL or item, respectively). You can change the name that appears on the cards to something more relevant to the app (the utility service is unchanged). Each card indicates the number of related widgets.

Geoprocessing service details

A geoprocessing utility service is a collection of geoprocessing tools, or tasks, published to a server site to perform operations necessary for manipulating and analyzing geographic information. You can add both geoprocessing services and individual tasks in the Utility services panel.

When you click a geoprocessing service's item card, two tabs appear. The Tasks tab lists the service's geoprocessing tasks and the Widget tab lists the widgets using the service's geoprocessing tasks.

As with utility services, you can view additional details for geoprocessing tasks by clicking their item cards. When you remove a geoprocessing service from the Utility service panel, you also remove all of its tasks. To hide an unused task so it doesn't appear in the select utility list when you configure a widget, click the visibility icon on the task's card.

You can use geoprocessing services and tasks with the Analysis widget.

Use utility services

Any utility service you add to an app, regardless of how you add it, is available to all supported widgets in the app. A utility service used by one widget can be reused by others.

The configuration panel for widgets that consume a utility service includes the following settings:

  • Select utility—Shows the locators specified in your organization settings or added by you in the Utility service panel. Only the utility service types supported by the widget are listed.
  • Search—Filter the list of utility services.

When you publish a web experience or template that you own, if you added subscriber content as a utility service, you are prompted to authorize public access through your account.

Learn more about publishing apps with subscriber content

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