Basemap Gallery widget

Basemaps serve as reference maps on which you overlay data and visualize geographic information. They are the foundations of maps and provide context for your work.

The Basemap Gallery widget connects to a Map widget and adds a panel for changing the map's basemap. In the widget's settings, you choose which basemaps are available as options. You can add your organization's basemaps or import a combination of Esri-provided basemaps and custom basemaps.


Use this widget to support app design requirements such as the following:

  • You want to control which basemaps can be used with your app.
  • You want to allow users to view the same data over imagery, terrain, and canvas basemaps.

Usage notes

This widget requires connection to a Map widget.

When you include this widget in an app, the widget includes a gallery of basemaps to apply to the connected Map widget. The gallery contains any basemaps you add in the widget's settings along with the map's original basemap. Incompatible basemaps are disabled.


The Basemap Gallery widget includes the following settings:

  • Select a Map widget—Select a Map widget.

  • Basemap settings—Choose a mode for adding basemaps.

    • Synchronize with the basemap gallery setting of your organization—Use your organization's basemaps.

    • Configure custom basemaps—Add individual basemaps.

      • Import—Open the Import basemaps panel. Use the panel's drop-down menu to view basemaps from Esri's default gallery, your organization's default gallery, and any groups of which you are a member. Click a basemap to add it to the widget.
      • Reorder and delete—Added basemaps appear in the widget's settings panel below the Import button. When you hover over an added basemap, you can click and drag to reorder it or use the delete button to remove it.

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