Business Analyst Infographic (beta) widget

The Business Analyst Infographic (beta) widget allows users to view demographic information about a specific location. You can preconfigure the location with decimal degree (DD) coordinates, or connect a Map widget and allow users to search for or click a location. Users can populate and interact with infographic templates created with ArcGIS Business Analyst or ArcGIS Community Analyst web apps.Learn how to build infographic templates that you can use in Experience Builder.


Use this widget to support app design requirements such as the following:

  • You want hospital administrators who are considering whether to open a new clinic to understand health and insurance information for an area.
  • You want city planners to take demographic data into account while choosing the location for a new school.
  • You want public health authorities to generate reports for specific districts.

Usage notes

To view and use the Business Analyst Infographic (beta) widget, the user must be signed in with an ArcGIS account that has privileges to use premium content in their organization. GeoEnrichment, part of the premium content collection, is required to view and export infographics. For this reason, if the user lacks privileges, the widget does not display figures. If you include the widget in an app and share the app publicly, the widget does not load and prompts the user to sign in.

Using this widget consumes credits from the user's account. Each infographic consumes 10 credits per 1,000 views. For example, if the app contains two Business Analyst Infographic widgets, two views are registered every time the app is loaded. Additionally, exporting to HTML and Excel consumes 10 credits per export. Printing and exporting to image does not consume credits.


The Business Analyst Infographic (beta) widget includes the following settings:

  • Select Map Widget—Select a Map widget. Connection to a Map widget is optional. To allow users to dynamically search for a location or click the map, points, or polygon features to populate the infographic for a specific location, you must connect to a Map widget.

  • Location settings—Provide the latitude and longitude in DD for an exact location. If you don't connect to a Map widget, this setting defines the only location that populates the infographic. If you connect to a Map widget, you can use this setting to set up a default location when the app opens.

    • Select country or region—Select the country that matches the provided latitude and longitude, or, if you connect to a Map widget, select the country. Once you select a country or region, the Select Infographic lists filter to only display infographics available for that country or region.

  • Buffer settings—Choose how the widget calculates the buffer distance. The infographic displays information about the area within the buffer. You can create the buffer distance based on Rings in miles or kilometers, Drive Time in minutes, miles, or kilometers, or Walk Time in minutes, miles, or kilometers. For example, you can configure the widget to run a report about heart disease rates within a 30-minute drive from a hospital. You can provide up to three difference values, which will each generate a report.

  • Select infographic—Select an infographic template from one of the following lists:

    • Esri Infographics—Templates from Esri.
    • Shared Infographics—Templates shared with you or your organization.
    • My Infographics—Templates you create in ArcGIS Business Analyst or ArcGIS Community Analyst web apps.
  • Infographic settings—Customize the widget's appearance and tools.

    • View mode—Choose an arrangement style for the infographic elements.

    • Background color—Change the background color.

    • Run infographic on map click—Allow users to populate the infographic for a specific area by clicking that area on the connected Map widget.

    • Display Header—Display a header at the top of the widget.

      • Header color—Change the header color.
      • Header text color—Change the header text color.
    • Image export—Allow users to export the infographic as a PNG file.

    • Dynamic HTML export—Allow users to generate HTML code to embed the infographic in a website or blog.

    • Excel export—Allow users to export the infographic as an Excel file.

    • Print—Include the Print infographic button in the header.

    • Fullscreen—Include the Fullscreen button in the header.

    • Disable zoom—Remove the zoom option from the header. This option is not available for the Slides view mode.

  • Update Infographic—Apply changes made in the widget's settings. You must click this button to apply changes and refresh the infographic for location, buffer, and infographic settings. Additionally, you must click this button before saving or republishing the app to save changes to the infographic.

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