Import existing apps or templates

You have the option to build a new experience or template on top of an existing one by importing it either from your account or from your computer. The imported app must originate from the same portal as the developer edition installation of Experience Builder in which you are logged. The file on your computer must be in ZIP format and originally created and downloaded from Experience Builder. Here are the steps to import an app:

  1. At the home page of developer edition, select the importing type by switching between Experience or Templates tabs to determine whether you want to import an experience or a template.
  2. Click the “Import” button and select “Import from my account”, choose an experience or template from your account, organization or group, and click “Done”.
  3. Or you can select “Import from my computer” and navigate to the directory where the ZIP file is stored, then choose the ZIP file and click “Open”.

During the import process, several scenarios may occur:

  • If the imported app/template was created using an earlier version of Experience Builder or contains widgets from an earlier version, it will automatically upgrade during the import process. Upon successful import, the app will be listed on the home page.
  • Note that you cannot import an app/template with a later version or containing widgets from a later version than your installed developer edition.
  • In the case of imported app/template that include custom widgets, the importing process will bring these custom widgets along automatically without verification. It's important to ensure that these custom widgets are compiled to match the version of ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript. You can refer to the version comparison chart for guidance.
  • When importing an app/template with the same name as an existing one, a suffix will be automatically added to the imported app name.

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