Upgrade for 1.0

Upgrade from 1.0

To upgrade apps created in version 1.0 to version 1.1, copy the app folder from 1.0 to 1.1. The app folder is located at <install folder>/server/src/public/apps/<appId>. If the app has its own widgets, please continue below:

Before you copy your widgets from 1.0 into 1.1, we recommend reading the breaking changes section in the what’s new document. TypeScript is generally good at flagging if it cannot find a module or if a property is missing in a type. Here are some of the most common scenarios we have found when upgrading our sample widgets to 1.1:

  • In the widget or theme manifest, if there is a supportedLocales property, this needs to be changed to translatedLocales. This is a required property in the manifest.
  • DataSourceSelector, which allows you to select a map for example, is now under jimu-ui/advanced/data-source-selector. onSelect has changed to OnChange. SelectedDataSourceJson is changed to useDataSources. You can review the map widget sample to see these patterns.
  • The function dataSourceJson() in the DataSource class is renamed to getDataSourceJson().
  • JimuMapViewSelector, which allows you to use the map widget as a datasource is now under jimu-ui/advanced/setting-components.
  • This is not a breaking change, but more of a pattern you will see in our sample widgets. You can basically use the React.PureComponent class to extend your widget instead of using BaseWidget and also replace BaseWidgetSetting in settings.tsx.

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