Copy files to dist folder

By default, all files in the src/runtime/assets folder and the src/setting/assets folder will be copied to the dist/runtime/assets folder and the dist/setting/assets folder respectively when compiling. Starting at version 1.13, developer edition of Experience Builder supports copy other files to the dist folder when compiling of your custom widget. The reason you need to do this may be your widget uses a third-party library and you need to copy some files from the library to the dist folder.

To do this, simply place a file named copy-files.json in the widget root folder and put the files you need to copy in this file. The following is an example of the copy-files.json file:

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    "from": "node_modules/folderOrFile",
    "to": "folderOrFile"

Both the from and to are relative to the widget folder.

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