Code linting

Starting at version 1.7, developer edition of Experience Builder now includes suggested ESLint rules (in the form of an .eslintrc.js file) that your code editor can use to format and lint (check for errors) your code.

These are the rules that the Experience Builder team uses, based on standard-with-typescript. You may have your own preferences on which ESLint rules to use for your code, and that is ok. If you do not want to use these rules, see the instructions below on how to disable them. If you want to modify the rules. you can modify the .eslintrc.js file.

  • If you want to check your code with these ESLint rules, in the client folder, in the command line, run: npm run lint. You can also install an ESLint extension into your code editor.

  • If you want to ignore these ESLint rules, either:

    • disable the ESLint extension of your code editor, or
    • delete the client/.eslintrc.js file.

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