A container for describing a network dataset attribute and its evaluators.


Network dataset attributes control traversability over the network. They specify properties of junctions, edge, and turns used as input for network solvers, such as time travel of road segments, speeds along a road, and whether a given road is one-way.

An EvaluatedNetworkAttribute object is a lightweight object that holds the information about a network dataset attribute that determines its values by use of network evaluators. Examples of network evaluators are the NetworkConstantEvaluator,NetworkFieldEvaluator, and NetworkScriptEvaluator.

The NetworkAttribute and EvaluatedNetworkAttribute objects for an existing network dataset can be accessed through the INetworkDataset interface.


Interfaces Description
IEvaluatedNetworkAttribute Provides access to members that specify the properties of an evaluated attribute in a network dataset.
INetworkAttribute Provides access to members that specify the properties of an attribute in a network dataset.

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