Workspace Extension Object.

Supported Platforms

Windows, Solaris, Linux


Interfaces Description
IWorkspaceExtension Provides access to members that supply workspace extension information.
IWorkspaceExtensionControl Provides access to members that manage the life of a workspace extension.


A workspace representing a geodatabase can have one or more workspace extensions. A workspace extension extends the functionality of a workspace in some way, for example, by managing a new type of custom dataset or by maintaining custom data dictionary information on datasets.

A workspace extension is usually used in conjunction with an application or editor extension that acts as the client of the workspace extension.

The Workspace instantiates all WorkspaceExtensions that are registered in the component category CATID_GeodatabaseWorkspaceExtensions at connect time. An application extension can find a workspace extension by its well-known GUID and invoke methods supported by the extension as appropriate. It will also instantiate all workspace extensions registered with a workspace using IWorkspaceExtensionManager.RegisterExtension.

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