UN Output Filter.


Interfaces Description
IUNOutputFilter Provides access to members that specify the properties of a utility network trace output filter.


Utility network output filter properties.

// Configure trace parameters

UNTraceConfiguration traceConfig = new UNTraceConfiguration();

traceConfig.IgnoreBarriersAtStartingPoints = true;

traceConfig.IncludeContainers = false;

traceConfig.IncludeBarriers = false;

traceConfig.IncludeContent = true;

traceConfig.IncludeIsolated = false;

traceConfig.IncludeStructures = false;

traceConfig.IncludeUpToFirstSpatialContainer = false;

traceConfig.DomainNetworkName = "DOMAIN_NETWORK";

traceConfig.TierName = "MV_TIER_NAME";

traceConfig.TargetTierName = "MV_TIER_NAME";

traceConfig.TraversabilityScope = esriTraversabilityScope.esriTSJunctionsAndEdges;

traceConfig.FilterScope = esriTraversabilityScope.esriTSJunctionsAndEdges;

traceConfig.ValidateConsistency = false;

// Add output filter to only return low voltage service points

IArray outFilters = new ArrayClass();

for (int i = 0; i < LV_SERVICE_ASSETTYPES.Length; i++)


    UNOutputFilter outFilter = new UNOutputFilter();

    outFilter.NetworkSourceID = 12;

    outFilter.AssetGroupCode = LV_SERVICE_ASSETGROUP;

    outFilter.AssetTypeCode = LV_SERVICE_ASSETTYPES[i];



traceConfig.OutputFilters = outFilters;

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